Personal Musicianship Project Outline; composing/arranging a parody

This site shows common chords that are used in most pop songs, if I’m going to compose a more contemporary/pop song sorta thing I should compose using a I-V-IV-vi progression.  The fact that 4 chords are used often in pop songs shows me that if I’m going to compose something pop songy I should probably use this sort of chord structure.

This website shows actual chord progressions used in pop songs which I can use in order to compose a “masterwork” of the pop song variety.

Ways to create

  • Listen to pop songs
  • Acquire a list of common chord progressions
  • Listen to parodies of pop songs and figure out how different the lyrics are.
  • Find a song that I want to parody and set new lyrics to said song.

Sources consulted

  • youtube
  • pandora
  • spotify


  • First I will have to determine how many verses/choruses I will be doing in this parody
  • I will also have to practice singing while playing the piano, a skill I have not yet developed
  • I could in theory use bandhub for this and add more instrumentation and make my parody more of a 80s style horn band arrangement
  • I should figure out if I’ll keep the chorus the same as the original song and if not should I keep every chorus I parody the same


  • What should the parody be about?
  • Do I want the parody to be the exact same length as the original song? Longer or shorter?
  • What sort of instrumentation should I use?
  • Should I find a karaoke track on youtube and just create the parody over that instead?

I plan on showing a rough draft of the parody to people before turning in the project, this way I can get feedback from others and see what they’d recommend that I keep or change.  I will know this work is ready to share if I can perform it without making mistakes and also if I can perform it without laughing at myself so that I can make my performance entertain able for others.


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